Asha Menon

IT Professional

I met Dr Disha in March 2018 through a recommendation by my relative. At that point I had practically visited a good share of gynaecs in Pune and Bangalore, and hence was slightly at the dejected end, as all my reports showed normal but I still couldn’t conceive. When I was curious to know why, every doctor either had no answer or gave me vague conclusion that my pregnancy would depend on a ‘lot’ of factors. Somehow, telling me that IUI and IVF were my only options didn’t help!

But it was a totally different story with Dr.Disha. The first thing I was in awe with, was her confidence, that I will be able to conceive naturally, through her program, and that too, in one year! She immediately diagnosed that I was having an autoimmune problem due to which my TPO antibodies were on a high, which none of the other doctors determined or even considered a possibility.Dr. Disha’s program is an investment in your health. Although it requires a lot of effort from the patient, if it is followed 100 percent, to the T - which could be slightly daunting over the months, the best part is - it works like a charm. You just need to stick to the food, lifestyle and the supplements as prescribed by her! I started out with my TPO at 521 before her program, when the healthy count should be under 5. One year down the line I now stand at 54 - a number I felt I could never even come close to when I started of. What’s even better, is that I could conceive naturally and I am in my third trimester expecting my little one soon in the most natural way with no synthetic hormones, antibiotics or other measures.

So, thank you Dr Disha and Truhealing for helping me through this journey and helping my body work as it should.


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