Client Testimonials

Thank you to each and every woman who takes time to write story of transformation and reclamation- not for me, but for the other women who will read your post and change their lives as a result of your post.

- Dr.Disha

Sonal Akkara


As its always been with us women, I had taken my health for granted for a fairly long time. When I say health, I mean everything: the food I put in my mouth, exercise routine, mental health and the wholistic outlook towards life. I used to love running hence only exercise was taken care of… But for the rest, I was blissfully unaware that I could do something…. until I needed to. I came to know about my PCOS two years after my baby but I refused to take pills and used to fight it with my running routine. Only reason I refused pills was for the fear of side-effects they had but fighting it with only exercise and the famously prescribed diets was only suppressing the symptoms. It wasn’t until I met Dr Disha that I came to know there was a solution to a problem I hadn’t even acknowledged existed. And the solution meant reversing the process and eliminating it from its root. Modern medicine isn’t so modern that way…. And Dr Disha showed me how.

I am a Pilot by profession, and annual medical check-ups, or rather the fear of it keeps us as a clan, health conscious. Though I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and it took time to lose it, I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis meanwhile, which went away mostly after I lost the weight. But off and on the bilirubin used to fall off the margin, and I used to blame it on dehydration due running. My periods were always on time…. never felt PCOS was getting to me until Disha saw me (she was my neighbour) and told me that the breakouts on my face were gathered around my chin and jawline which was a clear indication of a hormonal problem. I had rosacea since I was 24 and used to blame it for my breakouts.

I deep dived into it and took on the beginners’ course with Dr Disha. I was amazed!!!!

THIS PROGRAM SINGLE HANDEDLY EDUCATED ME ON THE CORRICULUM OF MY OWN BODY. The amount of introspection the course gave me, made me firstly acknowledge what my problem was and helped me navigate the path to wholistic health. I used to be somebody who would take guidance from the “experts” until Dr Disha made me one through this course. We as humans work with the cohesive functioning of all our our organs. Needless to say, then that only targeting one illness doesn’t heal the entire body. It was only through this course that I found the cohesive cure to my problems of PCOS, Rosacea, liver Cirrhosis, Tendency to weight gain and restoring the point of stability of my weight, and my general tardiness and sinusoidal levels of enthusiasm which were unpredictable so far. The diets aren’t told like a standard diet plan…. You need to and get to decide what your body needs. The breathing exercises or meditation shall be your own calling and the benefits you reap from them makes you believe in yourself all over again. This course has given immense amount of confidence to my inner voice…something that me and the society at large had always suppressed. That inner voice is a very strong being and I’m happy to have found her again thanks to Dr Disha. This program freed my mind from cultural conditioning, toxic environment and detrimental lifestyle. In a few months, my PMS vanished and an amazing sense if peace and calm filled my entire being. My skin cleared up and all the acne and rosacea disappeared!

A word about Dr Disha…. though we are about the same age, she was my agony aunt!! And still is Her responses were timely and prompt. It’s important to know someone is handholding you through your journey of self-discovery!!

I’m still six to eight months from completing the entire process, and shall be able to publish the benefits in due course of time. Until then best wishes to me and to congratulations to you in having found this site…. I’m very sure you will choose wisely in favour of your health. It is each and every women's responsibility to become familiar with the science of her body and menstrual cycle! The whole of woman- kind deserves to be Happy!!

Happy Healthy life to you!!

Dr.Hema BDS

(Tirupati, CMC Vellore)

I amDr. Hema, I am a Dentist. I would like to share how I got benefitted with the Natural way of healing from Dr.Disha. In 2013 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and underwent laparoscopy for endometriosis but with in 2 to 3 months pain persisted. In that moment we met Dr.Disha and she has asked me to do some blood tests and confirmed the root cause as I have developed autoimmune disorder. After that she has explained us about natural healing and also she said it ll take time for complete healing.Some how by God’s grace we trusted what she said and started treating naturally. Initially for few months my health symptoms went up and down but she had said it is as expected. Slowly I have started seeing improvement and endometriosis pain reduced. Parallely my psoriasis is also reduced. By the grace of God and with support of my husband , we started following Dr.Disha's advice. Parallelly we are planning for pregnancy but even after one year we didnt see anything. We were little upset but our trust is in the lord Jesus and the way he took me to Dr.Disha.Miraculously by God’s grace I have conceived naturally. I would like to highlht that Dr.Disha has never suggested any powerful drugs she has always prescribed good diet , vitamins and lifestyle changes.She has encouraged me positively and taken care of me and my baby during the entire time of my pregnancy. I want to conclude that Jesus has given us a baby but Dr.Disha's treatment helped us a lot to reach that. Glory to Jesus and Thanks to Dr.Disha.

Julie- Educator

Dear Dr. Disha, Words are few if you ask me to give a feedback about Truhealing program.
I recollect the day, I met you in motherhood. My meeting you was not a coincidence, but a result of the entire universe conspiring to lead me to the right door. I got to know about you through a very far acquaintance, one whom i have never met till date. 
I was dejected, frustrated with my health and there was a deep need in me to understand the cause of my health, the repititive patterns etc....
It was through Truhealing program, that i was able to understand the importance of eating right and the effect it has on one's health. A year and a half now, the guidance i received, and the slow but steady improvement I see in my health is all a Big Thanks to You. I could clearly see a change in my skin complexion. Infact more than me, my friends and colleagues had noticed first a change in the texture and it is then that i realised the effect of eating good food is showing results. 
During the course of treatment, you had clearly mentioned that since my Fibroids are huge, you cannot guarantee the complete shrinking of the same. Well though my fibroids did not shrink completely, a scan done after a year of treatment showed that they have shrunk a little and no more new fibroids have grown in.
I could also see a visible change in my sleep patterns. There was a visible change in my productivity and energy levels, because i had started eating food at regular intervals and at the correct  time. 
Had i not met you, I dont think i would have opted for any other alternate healing methodology. You are  the only medical doctor whom I have so far met, who has repeatedly mentioned about "Food being our medicine" and not supplements.  I must say this phrase of yours has been internalised by me .
Whenever I meet my friends or any acquaintance who are going through difficult gynecology issues, without thinking twice, i do keep recommend your name and program and will continue to do so.
A big thank you to God Almighty, for leading me to you and with deep gratitude in my heart I wish you and your Truhealing program, All The Very Best!! May you continue to touch and heal lives. You can definitely refer my testimonial to any of your clients and I will be more than happy to share my experience with them. 

Nidhi - Homemaker

5 Years ago I suffered a mid trimester (5th month) miscarriage in my first pregnancy. I was devastated by this loss and had no clue why I lost my baby. Upon Dr. Disha's suggestion conducted APLA blood test which came out positive twice. APLA is known to be linked with multiple miscarriages in women. During my second pregnancy I had to take heparin shots twice a day for a good part of my pregnancy.
It was very painful and stressful as I was not sure about the outcome. However with help from Dr. Disha I delivered a healthy baby boy. But I was always feeling tired, body pain and poor appetite. I continued with this ailment for few years then Dr. Disha explained me about the holistic TruHealing program which help to revive normal body functions and expel harmful toxins out of your body. I followed all the guidelines from Dr. Disha and took the suggested health supplements. After a year I could very well tell the difference, I no longer feel tired or body pain. People compliment my skin. And most of all I was able to deliver a second baby without any Heparin injections or other drugs. Truhealing doesn't work overnight, you need to commit yourelf to living a disciplined life and avoid junk foods and chemical laced cosmetics. I personally thank Dr. Disha for showing me a better way to lead a happy and healthy balanced life...I strongly recommend that if anyone has period problem or has suffered pregnancy complications, you must consult Dr.Disha. It is possible to heal the body and have a healthy baby..

Pallavi - Software Professional

Before getting enrolled in the TruHealing program, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and felt tired, homocysterine level was high, and had pre-diabetic range blood reports.
After joining the TruHealing program under guidance of Dr.Disha , I could see lot of improvement in myself like able to reduce weight naturally by following a healthy diet. At the same time, thyroid, homocysterine, etc. was also under control which made me more energetic and gave me a feeling òf being healthy.
I was able to conceive naturally before completion of the program in around 3 months into the program..I had an uncomplicated healthy pregnancy where I was able to continue my office along with household chores until the 3rd trimester under Dr. Disha's special care.
I am blessed with a healthy beautiful baby.
I was able to produce enough milk, started to loose weight immediately after delivery along with a great baby blues!! It is possible to heal the hormone imbalances and have a beautiful pregnancy and healthy baby. I am sharing my experience to inspire other ladies who may be struggling with such issues but don't know where to go. TruHealing is the way to go.

Roopa- Software Professional

I had severe PCOD issue. I consulted Dr disha. She helped me lot for healing all the symptoms of severe PCOD through true healing program. Not only i got my cycle back, my skin cleared up, mood improved and i could conceive naturally. My pregnancy was a cake walk under special care of Dr.Disha. I did not have any problems throughout my pregnancy and did not even develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. I continued my office as well as household chores easily throghout pregnancy. Blessed with a healthy baby and now i am very happy with my little angel. Thanks so much Dr.Disha and Truhealing. If there is a way to cure PCOD, this is the way to go....I am writing this testimonial and my healing story to motivate others who are suffering from PCOD and really want to cure it. It is possible to heal PCOD. If anyone has period problems, fertility issues or fatigue thyroid etc.and nothing has may want to try Truhealing program with Dr.Disha at least really worked for me so I wanted to share my experience. ..wishing good health for all...


TruHealing has helped me better my life in so many ways. I am very thankful to Dr. Disha for being such a great support and mentor. This program is all about the holistic approach to healing the body and mind in a natural ways. Dr. Disha's knowledge on the feminine body is unbelievable. She has learnt it the hard way by experimenting and improvising the same. She believes in getting to the root of the problem and fixing it once for all. The best part about the healing process is the use of effective medicines from natural food and herbs supplemented with lifestyle changes. It's not just the medicines but you receive guidance on energy medicine and calming the mind.
I will always be grateful for the help I received as well as the knowledge I gained. I will use it for the rest of my life!
Thank you Disha ...


Dr.disha has given me new life with her knowledge...and I mean it... I remember the day I went to her with lots of problems in my health... she had confidence that she can cure this problem and that confidence made me believe her and yes guys she is truly an angel who can make you believe in yourself and within few weeks you will notice all the problems vanish... I had severe Pcod problem,which was root for all other problems.... I used always feel exhausted and had lot hair loss dark circles etc.... I didn't know what to do , then it was doctor Disha who gave me new life with her " food is medicine" program... it is just lifestyle changes and using food wisely which can transform your life.

Veena Krishnan. Advocate, B.A.L.L.B (Hons)

The secret of Dr. Disha's Truhealing program is its simplicity. She starts with the basic principles of consuming more water, avoiding white sugars and flours, eating when one is hungry and having a balanced meal. These few basic steps resulted in me feeling stronger and fit, both mentally and physically. My skin began to acquire a glow which everyone who saw me remarked upon. I had also been battling stubborn belly fat that refused to go. I saw a marked reduction in my belly fat.
The second part of Disha's program which helped me was the specific deep cleansing of body . Although I am in the middle of my detoxification, every time I do the detox it leaves me with a lighter, cleansing feeling. I can visibly see the toxins leave my body.
Practising Disha's Truhealing program has also led me to watch every morsel of food that enters my body. Most of us treat our digestive systems as pits into which we drop whatever catches our fancy. I have long since dropped this practice and have stopped eating for the sake of eating.
Before I commenced the Truhealing program my periods were quite irregular and my bleeding used to stop on the third day itself. But after I started with Truhealing my periods have appeared strictly according to the 28 day cycle.
I am sure that by the time I reach the end of advanced program, I will have no more need of the thyroid medicine I am taking (as I have hypothyroidism).
More power to Disha and the natural alternative system of healing propagated by her.

Rekha - Stay at home mom

I am Rekha Goyal. I was suffering from hormonal imbalance from the past 7 years.As my progesterone level started falling I also experienced acne, weight gain, hairfall, depression, crankiness and memory loss. I has miscarriages also. I onsulted many doctors in Delhi and Bangalore. I tried everything in allopathy, ayurvedic as well as homeopathy. But everything went in vain. My life is like running behind doctors only and popping myself with one or other medicines. Nothing worked for me. Then somebocy showed me the path that goes to Dr.Disha. I went to consult her and showed my reports to her. Her words touched me - " why you were popping yourself with synthetic hormones when your body can produce these hormones. You are the incharge of your body. You can target your body to work efficiently by changing your diet, your lifestyle, and by some detoxification". I decided to enroll myself in "Truhealing Programme". This programme is a boon for the women. After starting this I experienced the changes in my body. I lost unnecessary weight, my skin got cleared without any medicines, more ebergetic, and more happy and many other positive changes in myself. Actaully she treats the root cause not the symptoms like other doctors.
If anyone has period problems, fertility issues or fatigue thyroid etc.and nothing has may want to try Truhealing program with Dr.Disha at least really worked for me so I wanted to share my experience. ..wishing good health for all...


I used to have prolonged heavy bleeding since more than 8yrs... consulted so many Doctors in past but which didn’t work at all. I was admitted in the hospitals several times, received shots and blood transfusions. Finally i came to know about Dr.Disha and followed her treatment which really made changes in my life in a more natural way. Also i have been getting periods with normal blood flow .Thank you so much to Dr.Disha and TruHealing for giving me positive energy and kind approach in any situation at any time. Hope I w ill conceive soon naturally.


When I started this program I had bad PMS, anxiety attacks and depression. I have taken a lot of supplements over the years and none of them helped me like this did! Thank you Dr.Disha.


Hi ladies, I have severe PCOS & I still got Pregnant Naturally.
I’m very happy to post a positive review for Dr. Disha Sridhar who helped me to conceive naturally despite all my problems.
I was hopelessly walking in tears & pain after a miscarriage, then D&C and suffering from worsened PCOS (irregular periods & severe bleeding problem), cysts, fibroids in uterus & fibrodema for last 10yrs…and from there to normal pregnancy, isn’t that miraculous!
Getting pregnant! Ah, that was a farfetched or next to impossible dream; I just anyhow wanted to have normal regular periods at that time. I had enough of birth control pills, its side effects and medication that just pumped hormones.
After trying our luck through even ayurvedic medicine which did not yield much result; we met Dr. Disha Sridhar at Motherhood Hospital, Indiranagar, Bangalore; a very practical doctor & an integrative practitioner who believes in treating problems from its root cause through holistic healing. Her main aim is to treat patients with hormonal imbalances naturally. She was the only doctor who gave positive nod about solving my problems from its core, talked about dissolving my cysts and recovery through natural, non invasive options, no synthetic hormonal pills & balancing my hormones naturally. I initially thought this was not possible and was sceptical about her way of treatment, wanted to stick to ayurvedic, the proven method, but something within me urged to go forward and with my husband’s unconditional support, I tried it out. I trusted her and the results are out. Gradually, my periods started to come back every month without any modern medicines. I started to revive and cherish my feminine energy thus cultivating better positive relationship with my body. I've learned to make my body something I work with as opposed to work against which helped me achieve an ideal sense of health. Thus, I conceived naturally within four months of embracing healing techniques formulated by Dr. Disha.
With a healthy body, I’m enjoying full problem-free, easy, effortless, nurturing pregnancy — no aches, pains or other issues, creating a smooth transition into my new state of being.
All thanks to Dr. Disha Sridhar with whom I’m receiving good antenatal care at Motherhood. With her, it’s like she shares equal responsibility for my maternity care, right from nutrition, supplements to lifestyle changes. She is the one with whom we can freely talk to about our hopes and fears. With this I would invite you to think differently about PCOS. I healed my body by balancing my hormones and through the opportunity to become a mother; my body has healed my spirit. I wish & believe the same is possible for you too. -Shreya Nambiar,