Rekha Goyal

Rekha Goyal

House Wife

Hi,I am Rekha Goyal. I was suffering from hormonal imbalance from the past 7 years.As my progesterone level started falling I also experienced acne, weight gain, hairfall, depression, crankiness and memory loss. I has miscarriages also. I onsulted many doctors in Delhi and Bangalore. I tried everything in allopathy, ayurvedic as well as homeopathy. But everything went in vain.

My life is like running behind doctors only and popping myself with one or other medicines. Nothing worked for me. Then somebocy showed me the path that goes to Dr.Disha. I went to consult her and showed my reports to her. Her words touched me - " why you were popping yourself with synthetic hormones when your body can produce these hormones.

You are the incharge of your body. You can target your body to work efficiently by changing your diet, your lifestyle, and by some detoxification". I decided to enroll myself in "Truhealing Programme".

This programme is a boon for the women. After starting this I experienced the changes in my body. I lost unnecessary weight, my skin got cleared without any medicines, more ebergetic, and more happy and many other positive changes in myself. Actaully she treats the root cause not the symptoms like other doctors.If anyone has period problems, fertility issues or fatigue thyroid etc.and nothing has may want to try Truhealing program with Dr.Disha at least really worked for me so I wanted to share my experience. ..wishing good health for all...

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