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I had severe PCOD issue. I consulted Dr disha. She helped me lot for healing all the symptoms of severe PCOD through true healing program. Not only i got my cycle back, my skin cleared up, mood improved and i could conceive naturally.

My pregnancy was a cake walk under special care of Dr.Disha. I did not have any problems throughout my pregnancy and did not even develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

I continued my office as well as household chores easily throghout pregnancy. Blessed with a healthy baby and now i am very happy with my little angel. Thanks so much Dr.Disha and Truhealing. If there is a way to cure PCOD, this is the way to go....I am writing this testimonial and my healing story to motivate others who are suffering from PCOD and really want to cure it. It is possible to heal PCOD.

If anyone has period problems, fertility issues or fatigue thyroid etc.and nothing has may want to try Truhealing program with Dr.Disha at least really worked for me so I wanted to share my experience. ..wishing good health for all...

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