Veena Krishnan


Advocate BA LLB

The secret of Dr. Disha's Truhealing program is its simplicity. She starts with the basic principles of consuming more water, avoiding white sugars and flours, eating when one is hungry and having a balanced meal. These few basic steps resulted in me feeling stronger and fit, both mentally and physically. My skin began to acquire a glow which everyone who saw me remarked upon.

I had also been battling stubborn belly fat that refused to go. I saw a marked reduction in my belly fat.The second part of Disha's program which helped me was the specific deep cleansing of body . Although I am in the middle of my detoxification, every time I do the detox it leaves me with a lighter, cleansing feeling. I can visibly see the toxins leave my body.

Practising Disha's Truhealing program has also led me to watch every morsel of food that enters my body. Most of us treat our digestive systems as pits into which we drop whatever catches our fancy. I have long since dropped this practice and have stopped eating for the sake of eating.Before I commenced the Truhealing program my periods were quite irregular and my bleeding used to stop on the third day itself. But after I started with Truhealing my periods have appeared strictly according to the 28 day cycle.

I am sure that by the time I reach the end of advanced program, I will have no more need of the thyroid medicine I am taking (as I have hypothyroidism).More power to Disha and the natural alternative system of healing propagated by her.

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