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Hi ! I am Dr. Disha. I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE. I am the creator & founder of www.truhealing.com.

I am on a mission to end the cult of hormones misinformation & mythology that makes women suffer needlessly. My mission is to educate and empower women to take charge of their health & life by addressing the problem from the root cause. I do this by offering affordable & integrative solutions for your menstrual & reproductive health.

My Story to Reclaim My Life

After having overcome my own struggle with Hormone imbalances like PCOS and Autoimmune Thyroid disease, I want to help other ladies do the same.

With my focus on period problems, fertility issues and Thyroid disease. I am able to help busy professionals implement Diet and Lifestyle plans that work around their schedule and reclaim their health naturally. Working with me is easy, fun and affordable.

Dr. Disha Sridhar

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The choice to go into INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE was precipitated by my own personal health crisis which I could overcome with this approach. Integrative approach means, instead of using drugs and surgery first, I use drugs second and I am an expert in natural hormone balancing with nutrition therapy, lifestyle hacks, natural supplements, period based cyclic self care and detoxification.

My main area of interest and expertise is "INTEGRATIVE FEMALE GYNAECOLOGY AND REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY" It's the study of women's hormones ,periods , fertility and pregnancy. The integrative part just means that I integrate both conventional and alternative methods. Most of my career has been helping the most difficult PCOS and infertility cases conceive naturally and create babies and lives they love💕I am not opposed to pharmaceuticals and do use them, I just prefer to lean on natural approaches first. I only prescribe drugs if necessary. There is a time and a place for both . I appreciate both and choose the best of both worlds.

Apart from being super science minded, I am also a psychology, philosophy & spiritual geek. I am obsessed with feminine energy and mind body medicine apart from Hormones, biochemistry and neurochemistry.

What else do I tell you? Life has been a rollercoaster ride for me...Have you ever had an experience when you hit rock bottom and became a new person as a result? Yes! That's exactly what happened to me. This is why I write, blog and create content so much on women's health and feminine energy. I am a forty something mom of two daughters who constantly inspire me to envision a new future for women's health.

Yes my daughters are my WHY and just looking at them gives me the courage to speak my truth and pursue this unique work.

Being in my mid 40s, my core specialty is helping mature women restore balance and fertility, which are the most difficult to treat and often dismissed as advanced maternal age.

I feel I have learned and earned this expertise. I have both the intellectual knowledge and first-hand experience from both sides of being a Doctor as well as a patient:)

I am a self development junkie and a voracious reader. My favourite things are meditation music and reading. I am also an upcoming author. I also love to write books, and create online educational content and products on women's health & personal development. I teach in three distinct areas for women "FITNESS, FERTILITY and FEMININITY."

Hope that helps you understand a little about me? I would also love to know more about you. How can I help you?

Below you will find a link to get on my email list. I would love if you joined my community.

Take a look around the site as well. You will learn more about the root cause of your issue and we will have a chance to get to know each other better.

Thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate your interest and support.

Dr. Disha Sridhar

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Dr. Disha offers comprehensive, integrative, state of the art gynecological and obstetrical medical care for women throughout the life cycle.

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Integrative Healthcare Solutions for Women

Embark on a journey to explore a revived and healthy you with Dr. Disha


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TruHealing Period Balance Program

The Ultimate Guide to Better Periods

Period Balance is the ultimate 30 day digital program designed to help you heal your period pain and Hormone Imbalance from the root cause. Now is the time for you to say YES to yourself and your goals, dreams, and desires, kickoff your journey today!

Whatever your age, you’ll discover new ways, and techniques for your routine to help you enjoy life like never before.

With this first-of-its-kind Hormone Program, you'll receive: Daily Emails and Inspirational Guidance from Dr. Disha .

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TruHealing SHE-TO Method

Secret Science of Staying Fit, Fab & Fertile even After 35

SHE-TO spelled as CHEA-TO is acronym I have created for women's nutrition principles.
C- Cyclic , H-Hormone Friendly, E- Eliminate Inflammatory Foods, A- Alkaline, TO- Mindful of Carbs.

Everything in this e-book is based on hard science and my experience of working with real women, Actually, many of them over 35!. I‘ve used these methods on myself and on my clients who have experienced below results.With this first-of-its-kind Hormone Program, you'll receive: Daily Emails and Inspirational Guidance from Dr. Disha.

  • Weight loss (tons effortlessly)
  • Better sleep with hot flashes and night sweats eliminated
  • Boosted energy and Libido
  • Dramatically improved memory, focus, and motivation
  • Hair growing where it belongs (and not where it doesn‘t)
  • Vanishing aches and pains
  • More beautiful skin and youthful appearance
  • A renewed enthusiasm for life
Learn more about she-to method

Glimpse of the Yummy SHE-TO recipes

Moong Dal / Lentil Soup

Chickpea Salad

Crispy Chicken

Cauliflower-Carrot Pickle

Dry Fruit Ladoo

Choco Chia Pudding

One-On-One Private Coaching with Dr Disha Sridhar

ONE-ON-ONE with Dr.Disha is a proven program that helps you to identify your own PCOS 'type' or 'root cause' of your hormones imbalance and implement the exact lifestyle changes you need to address your 'root cause' and improve your PCOS symptoms and Hormone imbalance. The Fastest and Most Effective way to kickstart new, healthy routines and rituals by allowing me to hold your hand and offer my expert advice.

This is for you if :

  • Your issue is longstanding / chronic
  • You have more severe symptoms and multiple issues that wouldn’t make you a good fit for our light support
  • You are sick and tired of figuring things on your own and want Dr.Disha to personally work with you and hold your hand through the journey
  • You have wasted enough time in researching and want the fastest and looking for the fastest and most effective way to heal
  • You want our eyes across all your health symptoms and lab tests
  • You are willing to invest in your health to have that 1:1 focus
I am Interested in Period Balance

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Our clients get real results

Happy Healthy Clients

Thank you to each and every woman who takes time to write story of transformation and reclamation- not for me, but for the other women who will read your post and change their lives as a result of your post - Dr. Disha

I had bad PMS, anxiety , irregular periods, PCOS, 4 miscarriages and 2 failed IVF. After doing true healing program I got pregnant Naturally.

Sneha Sungar,
Home maker

PMS, Acne, Depression, Mood Swings, Hair Loss and So More Symptoms are now part of the past! I am in control

Rekha Goyal,
Home maker

I reclaimed my feminity, lost tons of weight & feel amazing sense of peace. I'm no longer on metformin..


I could turn around endometriosis & autoimmune disease to get a healthy baby.

Dr. Hema,

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