Period Balance 


The Ultimate Guide To Better Period

Period Balance Is The 30-Day Program Designed To Help You Heal Your Period Problems For Good. If You Suffer From Any Of The Below Issues Related To Periods And Would Like To Resolve It From Root Cause, Period Balance Program Is For You.

Mind Numbin Period Pain Terrible period pain controls your busy life. You are tired of living from period to period and planning life events around your period pain. You dont want to keep living in fear of your next period.

Abnormal Periods You suspect you have hormonal imbalance, PMS, PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis, estrogen dominance, or low progesterone and you want to know what you can do about it.

Mood Swings You suffer from unstable moods, major irritability, depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders and cant help but wonder if they are related to your period problems.

Low Libido You want a youthful libido, but sex is the last thing on your mind thanks to your low sex drive. Your low libido is a huge source of anxiety. Is it normal or is there something else going on?

Skin Problems You suffer from acne, dry skin, rashes, eczema, or other issues that get worse during certain parts of your menstrual cycle, and you are fed up with relying on special lotions & creams that dont work.

Digestive Issues You are desperate to curb chronic issues like constipation, IBS, diarrhea, bloating, or gas. You have heard of leaky gut, SIBO, candida, & want to learn how and why they are related to period problem.

Continuous Fatigue You are always tired and suffer from major mid-day energy crashes. You have heard that you are supposed to feel refreshed and restored after a nights sleep, but instead you end up with never-ending fatigue.

Food Cravings You experience intense cravings for sweets & other foods you know you should probably avoid. You want to get your cravings under control & fuel your body with healthy & nutritious foods, but making change feels overwhelming.

Weight Gain You're putting in effort to stay at a healthy weight, but you feel defeated that your efforts aren't paying off. You wonder if there's something else going on that's causing your weight gain and making weight loss difficult.

Balance your periods with a huge lot of guidance & a little bit of commitment!

Balance your periods with a huge lot of guidance & a little bit of commitment!

Let me share my story with you!

If you've been experiencing any or most of the problems mentioned above, my Period balance program is all you need. Understand your body and your hormones, and let's together eliminate the problem from the root cause.
In this 30-day Digital program, you'll receive 30 e-mailers, lifestyle improvement tips, She-to recipe book and personalized Acid - Alkaline Diet Chart. All you need to see a revived you is a little bit of commitment!

Dr. Disha MD

Period Balance Program to Your Rescue


Your GUT

Poor gut health almost always goes hand-in-hand with period problems and hormonal imbalance. You may feel healthy, but your gut health is likely suffering. Period Balance will dive into the data and teach you how to optimize your gut health for healthy periods and balanced hormones.


We will teach you how to detect food sensitivities, eliminate nutrient deficiencies that often cause hormonal imbalance, and how to eat for healthy periods. Food should be a source of health and joy, not stress.


We will show you how your sleep, exercise habits, stress levels, and even your external environment are affecting the health of your periods. You will get simple solutions that will have a big impact on hormonal health.

TruHealing SHE-TO Method

Your Guide to Staying Fit, Fab & Fertile even After 35

SHE-TO spelled as CHEA-TO is acronym I have created for women's nutrition principles. C- Cyclic , H-Hormone Friendly, E- Eliminate Inflammatory Foods, A- Alkaline, TO- Mindful of Carbs Everything in this e-book is based on hard science and my experience of working with real women, Actually, many of them over 35!.  I‘ve used these methods on myself and on my clients who have  experienced below results.

  • Weight loss (tons effortlessly)
  • Better sleep with hot flashes and night sweats eliminated
  • Boosted energy and Libido
  • Dramatically improved memory, focus, and motivation
  • Hair growing where it belongs (and not where it doesn‘t)
  • Vanishing aches and pains
  • More beautiful skin and youthful appearance
  • A renewed enthusiasm for life

Curious to Know About  SHE-TO Method

Say YES to Period Balance Program - NOW

Original Price - $55 or ₹4590 

Now Limited Time Offer - $33 or ₹2755/-

What is included in this Period Balance Program

Period Balance is the ultimate 30-day Digital program designed to eliminate your period pain and hormone imbalance from the root cause. Say YES to yourself and your goals, dreams, and desires, and kick-off your journey today! Whatever may be your age, you'll discover new ways, and techniques for your daily routine to help you enjoy life like never before. Period Balance Program is entirely a Digital Program that can be taken from the comfort of your home.

One Email A Day

Designed to work on your hormones and balance your periods, these daily emails for 30 days are curated by experts. They will be chock-full of detailed articles, recipes, and trusted product recommendations. Period Balance never expires, so you get a lifetime membership.

Lifestyle Tips

Easy-to-implement tips that will help you heal your unhealthy gut, eliminate common nutrient deficiencies, detect food sensitivities, sleep better, clear up your skin, eat for optimal hormone health, ...AND MORE!

Bonus - SHETO Recipe Book

Women nutrition principle unique for women facing issues with hormones. She-To recipe book is cyclic, hormone-friendly, eliminates inflammatory foods, alkaline and mindful of cards so as to balance hormones, improve sleep, boost immunity & energy and prevent all kinds of diseases

Acid - Alkaline Diet Chart

It is a really useful diet chart you can take a print and stick onto your fridge. This quick reference chart contains a more in-depth look at the foods that have an acidifying and alkalizing effect on the body.

Outcomes You Can Expect from Period Balance Program

Heal Your Period Problems And Fertility Issues From The Root Cause!

Heal Your Period Problems And Fertility Issues From The Root Cause!

  • No more heavy bleeding
  • No Period Cramps
  • Reduced PMS symptoms
  • Predictable Periods
  • Better Mood
  • No more Bloating
  • Better sleep & enhance energy

Say YES to Period Balance Program - NOW

Original Price - $55 or ₹4590   

Now Limited Time Offer - $33 or ₹2755/-

Not Sure Which Program is Right For You
Do Not Worry Just Book An Appointment with Dr. Disha Sridhar and she will guide you appropriately.

What You Will Receive in Consultation:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Discussion of your symptoms
  • Prescription of blood tests to know the root cause of the problem
  • Interpretation of blood tests and correlation with your symptoms
  • Prescription of supplements
  • Options to choose if further holistic support required to improve your hormones.