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Lessons learnt from COVID-19 (Hint: Positive)

Look deeper into the situation - the pandemic has unfolded unexpected, powerful, positive effects. It's not all awful after all.

Should men and women follow different diets?

I have suffered from a mild case of PCOS since puberty, which I tried to manage with the conventional approach of pills and drugs. But more than relief, I got the side effects of the therapy.

Protect Yourself During This Pandemic

The spread of Coronavirus has brought the sentiment back to us. And before I write anything else I would like to collect and honour all the life-saving steps you are doing to protect you and your love

Beat The COVID-19

The reason this happens is usually because of factory farming. A lot of animals are kept in small confined spaces where they get sick and contaminate the workers and other people who are exposed to th

For the Ovarian Cyst-erhood – All you ever needed to know!

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that grows on your ovary. This post we discuss the functional ovarian cysts which are different from cysts associated with polycystic ovaries or endometriosis.

Feel Younger

When patients tell me that, they think it’s ok to suffer from period problem s and fertility issues in the late 30s and 40s. They feel tired more often, they don’t sleep well, their mood is all over t

A Beautiful Success Story Of Overcoming Recurrent...

Nandhini came to me from her native with a pregnancy of 5 months. She was happy with the excitement of a second-time mom. She was already blessed with a baby of 5 yrs who delivered prematurely but was

Endometriosis, Treatment for a better tomorrow

Endometriosis Treatment in Bangalore - If you’re experiencing pelvic pain and other symptoms associated with endometriosis, visit Truhealing for the highest standard of gynecological care in Bangalore

Don’t get haunted by junk food: Banish the sugar cravings

oday I will focus on how to curb junk food cravings during the holiday season. What follows are my best tips based on science on how to curb your cravings while enjoying some treats in moderation. Bal

Year End Address

I upgraded my website and decided to show up on social media and I am kind of blown away by the kind of rave reviews you have posted on our website and social media.

DIY Salad Recipe

The first option is the method I use: With a mortar and pestle ( u may use small blender as well), mash the salt and garlic until the garlic is emulsified. Transfer to a bowl, then add the lemon juice

Balance Your Hormones To Keep Your Hair/ Stop Hairfall

f you have a hormone imbalance, you are ageing prematurely and your natural levels of hormones start to change, no wonder you may notice that your hair has started to thin. So many of my clients have

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