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How Thyroid Function Affects Menstruation Cycle

Suspect thyroid irregularities and Discover why thyroid irregular periods treatment is crucial for managing symptoms like fatigue, irregular periods, and premature aging.

Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy: Diagnosis and treatment

This rise in diabetes can be attributed to several factors, including an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, and a genetic predisposition to the disease.


TruHealing's SHE-TO Protocol is a new and effective protocol that seeks to reverse thyroid disease. It is our approach to the ketogenic diet specifically designed for women.

Vaginal Dryness: Causes, Treatment and Diagnosis

Empower yourself to manage your vaginal health with professional advice on the causes, diagnosis, and treatment for vaginal dryness. Our informative article provides a comprehensive understanding of v

Hormone Imbalance in Females: Cause, Symptoms, Affect

Hormonal imbalance in females can manifest in various ways & by several factors. The symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females include irregular periods, mood swings, weight gain & more

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care Tips: A Guide for First Time Moms-To-Be is a comprehensive resource for expectant mothers, providing information on prenatal care, nutrition, and emotional well-being during pregnancy.

Uterine Fibroids

If you have Uterine Fibroids, your doctor may recommend Uterine Fibroids treatment to shrink fibroids or remove tumors. Surgery is a common option for many people who have uterine fibroids.

Abnormal Menstruation

Women all over the world experience menstrual irregularities and abnormalities. Periods are a normal and undetachable part of women's lives. They come and go monthly, and for most women

Unknown Facts About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, the second-most common malignancy among women worldwide, has an impact on everyone. (Only non-melanoma skin cancer comes in second.)

What you need to know about menstrual cup

I hope this article will help you make transition from pads/ tampons to the menstrual cup. Its never too late to do the right thing!

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in women’s parts of the body, according to the studies & surveys. And did you know that ladies 50 years or older make up most breast cancer cases?

What do you need to know about having a Hysterectomy?

You may silence your body by chopping off the uterus, but the ROOT CAUSE of your period problem still exists and gets worse like a clicking time bomb waiting to explode

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