Period Balance Program

Period Balance is the 30-day program designed to help you heal your period problems for good. If you suffer from any of the below issues related to periods and would like to resolve it from root cause, Period Balance Program is for YOU.

SHE-TO Recipe Book

Now that you know what is SHE-TO method and its benefits, you might be looking forward to get started with it. The main question now is what items should I cook to follow SHE-TO.

SHE-TO Recipe book solves that problem. I have compiled more than 130 plus delicious SHETO recipes in this book, so that it makes it easier for you.

A 4 Weeks Journey Into Self Love with Dr. Disha

Learn to love yourself just as you are, while you transform into best version of yourself!.

As you embark on this sacred path of the deepest Self Love, you will see your world transform and brighten, all as a mirror image of YOU.

Girl Princess Ascension Program

Unlock Your Inner Power and Transform Your Life with the Girl to Princess ASCENSION Program!

Are you ready to harness your full potential and personal power but struggling with triggers, insecurities, self-doubt, and emotional mastery? The Girl to Princess ASCENSION Program is your gateway to conquering these challenges and stepping into your true personal power.

Feminine Energy in Relationships

In this program you learn how to use feminine energy to attract high value relationships and navigate through all relationships in life. This is a powerful video coaching program for conscious and mature women who are ready to show the door to their insecurities, and show up as high quality Queen in life, ready to get their dream come true.

Secrets of Feminine Energy

Confused about FEMININE energy? Yes it's the ocean of a topic. But here we dissect it into an easy way which helps your to not only understand but embody it as well....Afterall what's knowledge without embodiment?

In SECTION 1: We talk about the MASCULINE energy and FEMININE ENERGY in details.

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