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Natural Healthcare For Your Female Hormones

When most women think of the hormones they think it works like this:

Eat less → Lose weight → Have balanced, healthy hormones and better periods

That is completely wrong and backwards. It actually works like this:

Balance the hormones→ Automatically eat less → Lose weight and get
healthy periods

See the difference? There is no magic diet or health regime that automatically leads to weight loss and health.

You don’t find a diet or program to follow, you build a lifestyle from a deep understanding of your unique metabolism, menstrual cycle, psychology and personal preferences.

That is why I started Truhealing.

Natural Healthcare For Your Female Hormones

Truhealing is the best place for your menstrual and reproductive health... Helping you find what works for you! Your unique feminine biochemistry.... Because women's Hormones are complex. Our endocrine system is different from men and is extremely sensitive to stress as we are the child bearing gender. 

IIt's not about working out longer, harder or more frequently, but about working smarter by tapping into the advantage offered by your cyclic biology, your menstrual cycle, which I am going to teach you. The things taught by diet , fitness and medical industry which work for men do not work for women, PERIOD!

What you need is to stop being the dieter and learn the science of your periods and Hormones and how to create a lifestyle to align with them. My aim is to give your health back into your hands.

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Heal Your Period Problems From The ROOT CAUSE!

Our INTEGRATIVE APPROACH helps to solve:



Cramps / Pain




Heavy Bleeding

Irregular / Missing periods



Evaluate Your Health - Take a Short Quiz

TruHealing Period Balance Program

The Ultimate Guide to Better Periods

Period Balance is the ultimate 30 day digital program designed to help you heal your period pain and Hormone Imbalance from the root cause. Now is the time for you to say YES to yourself and your goals, dreams, and desires, kickoff your journey today!

Whatever your age, you’ll discover new ways, and techniques for your routine to help you enjoy life like never before.

With this first-of-its-kind Hormone Program, you'll receive: Daily Emails and Inspirational Guidance from Dr. Disha .

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One-On-One Private Coaching with Dr Disha Sridhar

ONE-ON-ONE with Dr.Disha is a proven program that helps you to identify your own PCOS 'type' or 'root cause' of your hormones imbalance and implement the exact lifestyle changes you need to address your 'root cause' and improve your PCOS symptoms and Hormone imbalance. The Fastest and Most Effective way to kickstart new, healthy routines and rituals by allowing me to hold your hand and offer my expert advice.

This is for you if :

  • Your issue is longstanding / chronic
  • You have more severe symptoms and multiple issues that wouldn’t make you a good fit for our light support
  • You are sick and tired of figuring things on your own and want Dr.Disha to personally work with you and hold your hand through the journey
  • You have wasted enough time in researching and want the fastest and looking for the fastest and most effective way to heal
  • You want our eyes across all your health symptoms and lab tests
  • You are willing to invest in your health to have that 1:1 focus
1-0-1 Consulting with Dr Disha

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Not Sure Which Program is Right For You

Do Not Worry Just Book An Appointment with Dr. Disha Sridhar and she will guide you appropriately.

What You Will Receive in Consultation:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Discussion of your symptoms
  • Prescription of blood tests to know the root cause of the problem
  • Interpretation of blood tests and correlation with your symptoms
  • Prescription of supplements
  • Options to choose if further holistic support required to improve your hormones.
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Happy Healthy Clients

Thank you to each and every woman who takes time to write story of transformation and reclamation- not for me, but for the other women who will read your post and change their lives as a result of your post.

-Dr. Disha

I feel great! I am pms free, acne free, refreshed and energised!

Sonal Akkara

TruHealing Helped me to Regulate Periods. My cramps vanished, I lost weight and my skin cleared up. My relationship to woman and nature has helped significantly.

Veena Krishnan

I reclaimed my feminity, lost tons of weight & feel amazing sense of peace. I'm no longer on metformin..


PMS, Acne, Depression, Mood Swings, Hair Loss and So More Symptoms are now part of the past! I am in control

Rekha Goyal
Home maker

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