Ignoring/ Masking Period Problems with Birth Control Pills Lead to Bigger Diseases in Later Years

Ladies! If you have period problems (Irregular periods missing periods, PCOS, heavy flow, less flow, cramps, clots or even PMS), it’s not normal. If you are relying only on birth control pills, let me tell you can they can mask your symptoms beautifully or treat surface symptoms and not the root cause of your suffering which is rather lame and highly ineffective.

Dr Disha Sridhar

I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

In recent years, we have a silent and growing epidemic of hormone imbalances amongst women. Why is it a serious problem and why you should not ignore it? Because, If it is not treated early, it can also lead to serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancers. Not only the symptoms of hormone imbalance make your life miserable, there is a scientific proof that they also increase your chances of developing a big disease later on in life, like full-blown diabetes, autoimmune thyroid disease, and even cancers. And this is not just my opinion, Science and research has proven this again and again.

The BioCycle study (NIH 2009) showed that untreated, hormonal imbalances increase significantly a woman’s risk to diseases of inflammation – heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and premature aging.

Not many people are talking about it but if course I want to talk about it as I have been there. I was myself in a period problem situation a couple of years back. After trying to heal my PCOS,delayed periods and acne with birth control pills, I was diagnosed with autoimmune Thyroid disease and premature menopause which is supposed to be incurable according to the conventional medicine. But there was something in me that I did not break down. Through extensive study and research, continual self-experimentation and experience working in women’s health, I recovered from this mysterious illness . I not only got my missing periods back but could also experience a healthy pregnancy in my 40s. Now I am on this mission to help ladies who are struggling with hormone imbalances. If I can prevent one lady also from going through the misery I have gone through,my purpose in life is accomplished! Of course, I want to help more than one woman and have had the honour and privilege to help thousands of women across the globe.


Today, millions of women use oral contraception, or “the pill”. If you are a healthy woman without any hormonal issue and you use birth control pill only to prevent pregnancy, the pill can be a wonderful thing. The problem is that so many women today use the pill to mask the symptoms of an underlying hormonal issue – and could be making the root cause worse in the long run.

Ladies I am not judging you for doing that, I was myself taking those pills almost a decade ago to mask my PCOS and Acne, and it gave me a lot of symptomatic relief for sometime. I just want you to be aware of the CATCH and make informed decisions as long term use of birth control pills is not free of side effects.

The catch is … Birth control doesn’t actually cure any of your pcos, period problem, fertility issues or acne. It simply alters hormone levels to diminish or eliminate the symptoms, while the underlying ROOT CAUSE persists. While on the pill, your life might feel easier, but once you decide to go off the pill, or decide to conceive, you may have a harder time than you thought.The longer a period problem exists, the more complicated it is to treat, and the delay can pose a long term damage to your fertility and health.The side effects of Birth control pills are not just limited to your uterus and ovaries, but entire body including blood circulation system,kidneys, liver and heart.

That’s the reason I say pill may not be the best treatment for you but you are best person to decide what’s right for you. Balancing your hormones naturally with nutrition therapy,lifestyle hacks, stress management and natural supplements is the way to go. There is no short cut!

If you want to know some non hormonal methods of contraception, please check my SMART GIRLS GUIDE TO BIRTH CONTROL.

Once you have more information, I believe you can make better choices.



Originally published July 30, 2021 by Dr Disha Sridhar

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