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Welcome, SOUL SISTA!

I’m so thankful that our souls made us cross paths and reunited us here. I am so happy that you are here!

Whatever led you here, I am delighted to welcome you to our tribe of beautiful people committed to walking our self-healing journey together

Some of us are here because we’re healing from disease, illness, injury, or trauma. Some are healing from a broken heart or loss of a loved one. Some are healing from depression, anxiety, addiction, or PTSD. Some are patients, some are doctors and healers, at different stages of feminine consciousness evolution but we are all on the same path of self discovery. At Truhealing , we all tune into, connect, and follow the guidance of our spirit, our divine guidance system. Let our journey together begin in divine sisterhood.

To help orient you, I have laid out a little road map for you based on the stages of feminine consciousness evolution...The main aim for doing this is to make inner work fun and easy. I remember when I was going through my dark night of the soul, I felt so lonely and lost. I wish I knew that there's going to be light at the end of tunnel. 

I also realised that one of the deepest feminine wounds is within sisterhood. There seems to be such deep conditioning within the feminine that can be felt as disconnection or the feeling that you need to go it alone. To distrust other sisters. To see other sisters as competition. So this is my attempt to heal that wounded feminine within me and others. This is my attempt to support other sisters on this inner work journey to make it easier and fun! Enjoy the journey ❤️

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Stages of Feminine Evolution

Having a fair understanding of your own feminine consciousness is important to claim your full potential. It evolves through certain stages and all of us go through them. We churn through various phases/stages initially like girl stage and warrior princess stage and then ascend to queen stage and goddess stage. So, embark with me on a journey of self-consciousness and spirituality.

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Check your level of love and bonding hormone - Oxytocin. Check-out your oxytocin indicator by taking this simple quiz.

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Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Oxytocin

Oxytocin or the feel-good hormone not only it helps in labor, childbirth and breastfeeding, it also channelizes the feminine energy and balances your hormones. Download my free guide and my top tips on how to boost your oxytocin.

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Turn Your Triggers, Insecurities & Self doubt into Confidence and Feminine power!

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Feminine Consciousness

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One-On-One Coaching for Feminine Ascension Courses - Paid

My paid feminine ascension courses are for those of you who are inclined to grow and evolve. This will help you to understand the levels of feminine consciousness and progress towards a journey of self-awareness.

Girl to Princess Ascension

Many women, at some point in their lives, have felt that like a victim and they're stuck in this consciousness, as they are addicted to suffering. But a handful of women, want to take charge of their lives and change how they feel with full determination like a warrior princess. With my feminine ascension course, I would hand hold you from the journey of consciousness from a girl to a princess.

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Princess to Queen Ascension

With the help of feminine ascension course, women who are open to receive help & support can eventually raise their level of spiritual consciousness to a queen. Allow me to help you reach this new height of self-love and self-care.

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In this program you learn how to use feminine energy to attract high value relationships. This is a powerful video coaching program for conscious and mature women who are ready to show the door to their insecurities, and show up as high quality women in life, ready to get their dream come true. 

With 12 modules of videos and PDFs , this program also offers coaching call with Dr.Disha, this will EMPOWER you with the exact mindset and the FEMININE Energy techniques that can take your relationship game to the next level.

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Have you heard of Oxytocin – the Happiness Hormone?

You might have heard about the ‘feel-good’ hormone, oxytocin. So what exactly is oxytocin? Oxytocin is my favourite hormone as it is also known as love and bonding hormone. It is an important neurotransmitter and plays a vital role in reproduction. In females, this hormone triggers labor, and also helps to release the breast milk. In males, oxytocin helps to move the sperm.

Oxytocin hormone is naturally produced in the body by the hypothalamus, which is a small region at the base of your brain, and is secreted by the nearby pituitary gland. Oxytocin, in combination with dopamine and serotonin, are often called as happy hormones.

Oxytocin is a vital hormone for the feminine. Not only it helps in labor, childbirth and breastfeeding, it also channelizes the feminine energy.So, take my oxytocin quiz and check how this vital hormone is performing in your body, which is very essential for being in your feminine energy and to balance your hormones. Take this quiz and then download my free guide and my top tips on how to boost your oxytocin.

TruHealing Period Balance Program

Whether you want to take action on your own or need more specific guidance and support, we have a variety of solutions that will help you wherever you are in your hormonal health journey. Just like your diet should be based on your female biology, your healthcare should be tailored to your busy superwoman life. Truhealing offers a 360 degree of wellness care at all price levels so that you can understand your body and Hormone s and Balance them naturally.

Free Courses

I have created a lot of free content & e-books which will help you to take your first steps in resolving your issue.

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1-0-1 Private Coaching

Work 1-0-1 with me. I will hand hold you to adopt new
& healthy routines to heal your issues from root cause.

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Happy Healthy Clients.

Thank you to each and every woman who takes time to write story of transformation and reclamation- not for me, but for the other women who will read your post and change their lives as a result of your post.

-Dr. Disha

Rashmi Muralidharan - Home Maker

TruHealing program helped me to pursue my passion. You can feel that positive energy within .

Thyroid and irregular period problems started too early for me.. For 7 years I kept taking many medicines. I have consulted many doctors but the outcome was just so disappointing. Most would prescribe hormonal medicines every month and was told it's too tough to have a baby. 

I got married and we were planning to start a family.. I Googled and found a beautiful review about Dr. Disha . It was God's will .

I kind of knew she was 'THE ONE' . So we decided to consult her. With few tests and scan Dr. Disha informed about my PCOD problem. And guided me about holistic treatment.. for me she was my saviour. It's not about too many medicines but treating the root cause naturally. I followed everything what was told and in a span of 6 months I conceived naturally.. we were thrilled to bits. We are blessed with a loving daughter. Even today we are so grateful to Dr. Disha.

I decided to take up the truhealing program to get back on track. Truhealing is for every woman like me who suffer from irregular periods, thyroid problems, weight gain, mood swings, junk food cravings. After this program I eat right, I've lost weight, I lead a healthy lifestyle, I'm a content person. It's all about belief.. I believed in Dr. Disha. She's that amazing . Best part of the program is that you know you are healing not just physically but emotionally and spiritually too.

I want to conclude that Jesus has given us a baby but Dr. Disha's treatment helped us a lot to reach that. Glory to Jesus and Thanks to Dr. Disha.

TruHealing Helped me to Regulate Periods. My cramps vanished, I lost weight and my skin cleared up. My relationship to woman and nature has helped significantly.

The secret of Dr. Disha's Truhealing program is its simplicity. She starts with the basic principles of consuming more water, avoiding white sugars and flours, eating when one is hungry and having a balanced meal. These few basic steps resulted in me feeling stronger and fit, both mentally and physically. My skin began to acquire a glow which everyone who saw me

remarked upon.

Veena Krishnan - BA LLB

I had also been battling stubborn belly fat that refused to go. I saw a marked reduction in my belly fat. The second part of Disha's program which helped me was the specific deep cleansing of body . Although I am in the middle of my detoxification, every time I do the detox it leaves me with a lighter, cleansing feeling. I can visibly see the toxins leave my body.

Practising Disha's Truhealing program has also led me to watch every morsel of food that enters my body. Most of us treat our digestive systems as pits into which we drop whatever catches our fancy. I have long since dropped this practice and have stopped eating for the sake of eating. Before I commenced the Truhealing program my periods were quite irregular and my bleeding used to stop on the third day itself. But after I started with Truhealing my periods have appeared strictly according to the 28 day cycle.

I am sure that by the time I reach the end of advanced program, I will have no more need of the thyroid medicine I am taking (as I have hypothyroidism).More power to Disha and the natural alternative system of healing propagated by her.

Mrunalini Bharadwaj - IT Professional - Canada

Truhealing reconnected me with my femininity
and intuition

Dr. Disha is the feminine source that I derive my power from, who says only one method works which addresses the root cause. From her personal wisdom she has painstakingly created a master approach that not only heals your body but also your mind and soul, what every women with any health issue needs, I feel more happy, healthy and peaceful, thanks to this marvel of
a program.

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  • Interpretation of blood tests and correlation with your symptoms
  • Prescription of supplements
  • Options to choose if further holistic support required to improve your hormones.
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