SHE-TO Method

Introducing TruHealing SHE-TO Method

A Way of Eating and Living Designed for Your Unique Menstrual Cycle

Dr. Disha Sridhar


Every woman is unique, so is her body, her hormone system and yes, her mood is like sea waves because her hormones are like phases of the moon. Women’s Hormones are not fixed and keep on changing not only from year to year, month to month but also week to week. Being a Doctor ( Gynaecologist & Obstetrician) and a woman who has undergone this painful journey of hormone imbalances, I was determined to create a method that is unique to women.

So, I created ‘SHE-TO’ as in ‘Chea-to’: This acronym stands for the following principles applied to women’s nutrition. 

E-Eliminate inflammatory foods
To-Mindful of carbs.

This SHE-TO method is all about honouring your Femininity and period cycle. This method allowed me to reverse my Hashimoto’s disease, premature menopause and PCOS, to experience a healthy pregnancy in my 40s. It has also helped hundreds of you, reclaim your health and create the life of your dreams.

TruHealing SHE-TO Method

A Way of Eating and Living Designed for Your Unique Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle Diet & WorkOut Plan

Secret of Staying Fit Fab & Fertile

Get a jump-start to SHE-TO by downloading this free e-book, which is on hard science and my experience of working with real women, Actually, many of them over 35!. I‘ve used these methods on myself and on my clients who have experienced below results.

  • Weight loss (tons effortlessly)
  • Better sleep with hot flashes and night sweats eliminated
  • Boosted energy and Libido
  • Dramatically improved memory, focus, and motivation
  • Hair growing where it belongs (and not where it doesn‘t)
  • Vanishing aches and pains
  • More beautiful skin and youthful appearance
  • A renewed enthusiasm for life
Download Fit, Fab & Fertile Guide

Take a Sneak Peek - SHETO Recipe

Download this e-book to preview the 12 awesome & tasty recipes that are part of the SHE-TO method. I bet you will find this more delicious that regular diet. What better way to resolve all period issues, hormone imbalance & fertility issue by adopting SHE-TO. If you like this, buy my SHE-TO recipe book with more than 130 plus additional recipes.

Download 12 SHETO Recipes

SHE-TO Recipe Book

Get 130 plus Tasty & Nutritious SHE-TO recipes to Stay Fit Fab & Fertile even after 35 years 

Now that you know what is SHE-TO method and its benefits, you might be looking forward to get started with it. The main question now is what items should I cook to follow SHE-TO. 

SHE-TO Recipe book solves that problem. I have compiled more than 130 plus delicious SHETO recipes in this book, so that it makes it easier for you. I am charging a nominal fee for the effort and expense I had to incur to bring about this book. Get this book for Rs.777/- only. 

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Two Great Tools as Bonus, Absolutely Free 

Bonus One

SHETO Jump-Start Guide

Bonus Two

Acid / Alkaline Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions which I see many of my private clients asking, and I see so many wonderful women suffer from them,
so addressing them here In FAQ

There's nothing called as normal period cramps. Healthy periods are not supposed to be painful or irregular. Also it's not normal to have PMS .... Please pay attention dear Ladies! It's not normal to have irregular periods ( early or late), missing periods, spotting between periods, prolonged heavy flow, pains and cramps during cycle, PMS and mood changes before periods, PCOS, Fibroid, Endometriosis, fertility issues, tiredness, hair fall, sleep disturbances, weight issues etc. If it is happening to you, it's a sign of underlying hormone imbalance which needs further evaluation with blood investigations , scan etc. Good news is that all your problems can be totally reversed , not by masking the symptoms with pills but by addressing the underlying ROOT cause of the problem and healing it from the ROOT cause which is not in your pelvis BTW.

PCOS is not just a period problem or Fertility issue, it's a road which leads to bigger diseases in later life . We have lot of scientific research supporting this now.

Why PCOS and Hormone imbalance is a serious problem and why you should not ignore it? Because, If it is not treated early, it can also lead to serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancers. Not only the symptoms of hormone imbalance make your life miserable, there is a scientific proof that they also increase your chances of developing a big disease later on in life, like full-blown diabetes, autoimmune thyroid disease, and even cancers.

The BioCycle study (NIH 2009) showed that untreated, hormonal imbalances increase significantly a woman’s risk to diseases of inflammation – heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and premature aging.

PCOD ,period problem s, fertility issues and thyroid issues are completely reversible in my experience. I have reversed not only my own PCOD but have helped hundreds of women heal their hormone Imbalances and achieve healty natural pregnancies. It's frustrating to see that so many women are suffering and not getting the right information. It can be reversed not by masking the symptoms with drugs but by addressing the root cause of the problem. Needs root cause evaluation with further investigations...Can be healed with diet changes, lifestyle changes, self care and Detoxification.Hope this helps.

The answer is all conventional diets have some great principles, but most of them work best for men as they don't take feminine cyclic biology into account. Here's why Traditional Keto doesn't work for women long leads to acidity and that creates stress for our bodies. As women, we need far more alkalinity than men, and one of the best ways to achieve that is with nutrient-dense greens and vegetables. Alkalinity leads to a healthy gut microbiome, which is key to healthy estrogen detoxification.

Acidity also increases inflammation and cortisol levels tend to spike in women over 35 on a traditional Keto program. Going SHE-TO as a way of life protects our female hormonal balance by increasing our alkalinity and helping us manage stress. It’s also been shown to boost immunity.

Here's the Answer
The good news is, it’s not in your head, it’s in your hormones. Its not easy for women in 21 st century. Environmental chemicals, pesticides, pollutant s and stress are pushing you towards estrogen dominance. Your mother hormone, progesterone, is in decline and that means more stress, anxiety, hot flashes and sleepless nights. Add into the mix all the challenges of a busy life, and your progesterone depletes even more.

I tell women that self-care is selfless, not selfish because we can't give from an empty cup . We have to prioritize a good night's sleep and support our progesterone especially when we’re transitioning through peri menopause ( above 35 years of age)

The SHE-TO way is one important component to this approach, adding in some natural supplements like magnesium, holy basil and cutting down on caffeine are the first steps you can take. With proper hormonal evaluation and addressing the ROOT CAUSE, it's absolutely possible to fix your sleep problem.

I see it often that mature women face this urinary leakage issue especially when they sneeze or lift heavy weights. It can be so embarrassing that many women don't even admit and seek out help, just keep suffering life long. The thing is, your bladder is controlled by muscles, and as you get older there is a natural decline in muscle strength. The opening of your urethra, which is surrounded by muscles, is not as strong as it used to be, and that results in Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Just as you have to work out your arms and legs to stay toned, the same is true with your pelvic floor. The first thing I recommend is to exercise your pelvic floor by doing Kegel exercises – the right way. I strongly encourage all my pregnant clients to do this. In advanced cases, there can be role of topical bioidentical Hormone application.

I also tell my clients how important it is to keep their diet clean and healthy , aligning with their menstrual cycle.

First let me say, I can totally relate. I had significant hair loss when I suffered autoimmune thyroid disease where stress plays a major role. When we are stressed, cortisol (our stress hormone) rises, and that increases the conversion of our testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a powerful male sex hormone that leads to male pattern hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss include thyroid and hormonal issues, nutritional deficiency, and fungal infections.

Apart from Alkaline power of SHETO which is filled with nutrients and anti-inflammatory superfoods, a trial of bioidentical progesterone can also help. A good quality supplement rich in zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, niacin, biotin and vitamin B6 can work wonders to stop the hairfall apart from working on the root cause of your issue.

The good news is your hair can grow back. Mine certainly did, using these simple solutions.

I think this is the best question you can ever ask. Stress is the most powerful player in Hormone imbalance. It's so powerful that if you don't handle it, no amount of diet ,exercise, supplements regimen can help you.

Stress can derail you in so many ways, including how you feel about the significant relationships in your life. You either want to isolate completely, or you engage in activities like binge shopping, eating, or drinking as a way to soothe your stress. That makes sense and can help short term as it leads to short spikes in OXYTOCIN and reduction in CORTISOL. However we can all agree that binge behaviours are not a healthy solution to stress management, nor are they good for your long-term relationships.

Better stress management techniques include laughter, love and connection, massage, self-care, playing with kids or pet, swinging on a swing … all of these are oxytocin producers.

Take my HAPPINESS Quiz to find out how your OXYTOCIN levels are. Click here to get my FREE guide on how to manage stress and live a happier, happier life by boosting oxytocin.

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