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Learn The Exact Steps to Get Your Body Ready to Conceive Naturally....

You CAN Get Pregnant Naturally...
Even When Everything Else
You've Tried Has Failed... 

When you desperately want to start a family, or have another child, you'll do just about anything to conceive: I know as I have been there....Endless visits to your Ob-Gyn and Specialized supplements, herbs, andFertility drugs that trigger not only ovulation but also bloating, nausea, and headaches, round after round of expensive IVF treatments.

And if you have to keep trying month after month, and still have no results... well, the heartbreak is inevitable. Unfortunately, this is the story for many women today. Even young women in the 20's and 30's who appear to be healthy are having trouble getting pregnant when they want to.

But the truth is that it's not supposed to be so difficult for you to get pregnant…Are you wondering when (or if) you’ll ever be able to have a baby naturally.

But the real reason WHY it has become so difficult for you to conceive is hormonal imbalance. Even if you have medical issues such as PCOS or endometriosis, there is a simple--yet powerful-way to heal your hormones and get pregnant naturally.

It’s Hormone friendly lifestyle—what you eat and how you live—that helps you heal your hormones at the root level. By eating supportive foods and herbs, taking specific supplements, and making the right lifestyle changes, you can completely rebalance your hormones and change your destiny.

Here I can give you the exact steps to heal your hormones in the comfort s of your own house based on your own unique ROOT CAUSE. This is the exact protocol which helped me to get my body pregnancy ready at advanced age ( 40 plus)even though I had history of PCOS, autoimmune thyroid HASHIMOTO, history of recurring miscarriages and premature menopause.

Here you can expect to get everything you need to get your body ready to conceive, no matter if you have irregular or missing periods , PCOS or even unexplained infertility.


I created this program to make it easy for women to tap into their own feminine power and reclaim the natural ability to make babies. When your fertility is optimized and you have the ability to conceive on your own timeline, you have so much more freedom to live your life the way you desire.

Hundreds of women across the globe have followed my protocol and have had amazing results…and here are just a few real-life examples:

Sneha could overcome bad PMS, anxiety, irregular periods, PCOS, 4    miscarriages and 2 failed IVF and got pregnant naturally.

Dr. Hema could turn around endometriosis & autoimmune disease to get a
healthy baby.

Pallavi could reverse hypothyroidism naturally and got pregnant naturally in spite of her hectic IT job.

Roopa could conceive naturally in spite of severe PCOD. 

online fertility doctor

Get Permanent Relief From Your worst symptoms by addressing the ROOT CAUSE.

There are hundreds of quick fixes out there—lotions, potions, pills, and prescriptions. Some of them work… for a little while. Until your symptoms come roaring back and you feel even worse than when you started. Some don’t work at all—and you end up throwing money away as you continue to suffer.

How many more years do you want to go on playing hide and seek with your health?

You could find all of this information on your own. But it could take you tons of time ,energy and money just to piece it all together. All of the hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is take the next step.

Why not start living a carefree, pain free life – and get relief in a matter of weeks to months?

Heal Your Fertility Problems from Root Cause

Fertility Care - Conceive Naturally

Are you disheartened after multiple failures to get pregnant? Infertility in women could be due to various reasons and can be difficult to diagnose. Though many of these causes remain unexplained, your detailed case analysis with me will give you solution to all your fertility problems.

I’m here to make you aware of your fertility issues and do your cycle charting. I will help you to reverse all your explained and unexplained causes of infertility. 

online fertility doctor

After a detailed fertility evaluation, I will help you get over your menstrual problems like PCOD, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, thyroid disease to enhance your natural ovulation process.  For those who’ve had the brunt of miscarriages, I’m here to help prevent and treat problem of miscarriage and offer integrative care for women undergoing IVF. Apart from this, you will also receive complete nutritional support for treating your underlying metabolic and hormonal imbalances owing to nutritional deficiencies.

online fertility doctor

Management & Prevention of
Pregnancy Complications

Getting pregnant is a natural process that most women go through smoothly. Unfortunately, few women experience complications during pregnancy and delivery that can involve their health, their baby’s health, or both. Therefore, here I am, to hold your hand and sail you through this beautiful time.

My programs ensure a healthy mother and a healthy baby and prevent pregnancy complications like abortions, excessive bleeding, gestational diabetes, hypertension, preterm delivery, growth restriction in the baby, etc.

High-Risk Pregnancy Care

High-risk pregnancies require management by a specialist to help ensure the best outcome for the mother and baby. If you’re categorized under high-risk during your pregnancy, help is just a click away.

If you are looking for proper care and support during your pregnancy, my program are designed especially for you. You get help with a multiple/twin pregnancy, pregnancy with anemia, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm labor, recurrent pregnancy loss and pregnancy with thyroid problems.

online fertility doctor

TruHealing Period Balance Program

The Ultimate Guide to Better Periods

online fertility doctor

Free Programs

I have created a lot of free content & e-books which will help you to take your first steps in resolving your issue.

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1-0-1 Private Coaching

Work 1-0-1 with me. I will hand hold you to adopt new
& healthy routines to heal your issues from root cause.

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Happy Healthy Clients.

Thank you to each and every woman who takes time to write story of transformation and reclamation- not for me, but for the other women who will read your post and change their lives as a result of your post.

-Dr. Disha

online fertility doctor

Asha Menon - IT Professional

To conceive, it's time I perceived differently!

I met Dr. Disha in March 2018 through a recommendation by my relative. At that point I had practically visited a good share of gynaecs in Pune and Bangalore, and hence was slightly at the dejected end, as all my reports showed normal but I still couldn’t conceive. When I was curious to know why, every doctor either had no answer or gave me vague conclusion that my pregnancy would depend on a ‘lot’ of factors. Somehow, telling me that IUI and IVF were my only options didn’t help! But it was a totally different story with Dr. Disha. The first thing I was in awe with, was her confidence, that I will be able to conceive naturally, 

through her program, and that too, in one year! She immediately diagnosed that I was having an autoimmune problem due to which my TPO antibodies were on a high, which none of the other doctors determined or even considered a possibility. Dr. Disha’s program is an investment in your health. Although it requires a lot of effort from the patient, if it is followed 100 percent, to the T - which could be slightly daunting over the months, the best part is - it works like a charm. You just need to stick to the food, lifestyle and the supplements as prescribed by her! I started out with my TPO at 521 before her program, when the healthy count should be under 5. One year down the line I now stand at 54 - a number I felt I could never even come close to when I started of. What’s even better, is that I could conceive naturally and I am in my third trimester expecting my little one soon in the most natural way with no synthetic hormones, antibiotics or other measures.

So, thank you Dr. Disha and Truhealing for helping me through this journey and helping my body work as it should.

Truhealing helped me conceive healthy babies when even IVF could not!

I had bad PMS, anxiety , irregular periods, PCOS, 4 miscarriages and 2 failed IVF. After doing true healing program I got pregnant Naturally.

I’m very happy to post a positive review for Dr. Disha Sridhar who helped me to conceive naturally and help to heal my body from core.... 

We met Dr. Disha 3 years back. I had severe hormonal imbalance at that time, Dr. Disha helped me to balance my hormones mainly through food, gut healing, 

online fertility doctor

Sneha Sunagar - Homemaker

lifestyle changes and managing stress. Dr. Disha is very practical and a very good mentor... She always says food is medicine which is very true...After 2 years into Truhealing ...I got pregnant naturally...I delivered twins on March 2018...Because of monochorionic, twin pregnancy was little complicated. Throughout the pregnancy she stood behind me like a mother...She made my pregnancy very easy ....and I got my two beautiful angels.

Thanks to Dr. Disha who made our dream come true.

online fertility doctor

Dr. Hema - BDS

I could turn around endometriosis & autoimmune disease to get a healthy baby

I am Dr. Hema, I am a Dentist. I would like to share how I got benefitted with the Natural way of healing from Dr. Disha. In 2013 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and underwent laparoscopy for endometriosis but with in 2 to 3 months pain persisted. In that moment we met Dr. Disha and she has asked me to do some blood tests and confirmed the root cause as I have developed autoimmune disorder. After that she has explained us about natural healing and also she said it ll take time for complete healing. 

Some how by God’s grace we trusted what she said and started treating naturally. Initially for few months my health symptoms went up and down but she had said it is as expected. Slowly I have started seeing improvement and endometriosis pain reduced. 

Parallelly my psoriasis is also reduced. By the grace of God and with support of my husband , we started following Dr. Disha's advice. Parallelly we are planning for pregnancy but even after one year we didn't see anything. We were little upset but our trust is in the lord Jesus and the way he took me to Dr. Disha. Miraculously by God’s grace I have conceived naturally. I would like to highlight that Dr. Disha has never suggested any powerful drugs she has always prescribed good diet , vitamins and lifestyle changes. She has encouraged me positively and taken care of me and my baby during the entire time of my pregnancy.

I want to conclude that Jesus has given us a baby but Dr. Disha's treatment helped us a lot to reach that. Glory to Jesus and Thanks to Dr. Disha.

Truhealing helped me to conceive a healthy baby inspite of apla & recurrent abortions

I5 Years ago I suffered a mid trimester (5th month) miscarriage in my first pregnancy. I was devastated by this loss and had no clue why I lost my baby. Upon Dr. Disha's suggestion conducted APLA blood test which came out positive twice. APLA is known to be linked with multiple miscarriages in women. During my second pregnancy I had to take heparin shots twice a day for a good part of my pregnancy. 

It was very painful and stressful as I was not sure about the outcome. However with help from Dr. Disha I delivered a but

online fertility doctor

Nidhi - Home Maker

I was always feeling tired, body pain and poor appetite. I continued with this ailment for few years then Dr. Disha explained me about the holistic TruHealing program which help to revive normal body functions and expel harmful toxins out of your body. I followed all the guidelines from Dr. Disha and took the suggested health supplements.

After a year I could very well tell the difference, I no longer feel tired or body pain. People compliment my skin. And most of all I was able to deliver a second baby without any Heparin injections or other drugs. Truhealing doesn't work overnight, you need to commit yourself to living a disciplined life and avoid junk foods and chemical laced cosmetics.

I personally thank Dr. Disha for showing me a better way to lead a happy and healthy balanced life...I strongly recommend that if anyone has period problem or has suffered pregnancy complications, you must consult Dr.Disha. It is possible to heal the body and have a healthy baby..

online fertility doctor

Pallavi - IT Professional

Reversing hypothyroidism naturally & getting pregnant naturally in spite of my hectic IT job

Before getting enrolled in the TruHealing program, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and felt tired, homocysteine level was high, and had pre-diabetic range blood reports. 

After joining the TruHealing program under guidance of Dr.Disha , I could see lot of improvement in myself like able to reduce weight naturally by following a healthy diet. At the same time, thyroid, homocysteine, etc. was also under control which made me more energetic and gave me a feeling òf being healthy.

I was able to conceive naturally before completion of the program in around 3 months into the program.. I had an uncomplicated healthy pregnancy where I was able to continue my office along with household chores until the 3rd trimester under Dr. Disha's
special care. 

I am blessed with a healthy beautiful baby. I was able to produce enough milk, started to loose weight immediately after delivery along with a great baby blues!! It is possible to heal the hormone imbalances and have a beautiful pregnancy and healthy baby. I am sharing my experience to inspire other ladies who may be struggling with such issues but don't know where to go. TruHealing is the way to go.

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  • Discussion of your symptoms
  • Prescription of blood tests to know the root cause of the problem
  • Interpretation of blood tests and correlation with your symptoms
  • Prescription of supplements
  • Options to choose if further holistic support required to improve your hormones.
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