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Introducing SHE-TO Method: A Way of Eating and Living Designed for Your Unique Menstrual Cycle

Every woman is unique, so is her body, her hormone system and yes, her mood is like sea waves because her hormones are like phases of the moon. Women’s Hormones are not fixed and keep on changing not only from year to year, month to month but also week to week.

Dr Disha Sridhar

I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

Being a Doctor ( Gynaecologist & Obstetrician) and a woman who has undergone this painful journey of hormone imbalances ( I am a former sufferer of PCOS, autoimmune thyroid HASHIMOTO, premature menopause), and successfully overcoming the same; I was determined to create a method that is unique to women.

So, I created ‘SHE-TO’ as in ‘Chea-to’: This acronym stands for the following principles applied to women’s nutrition.

E-Eliminate inflammatory foods
To-Mindful of carbs.

This SHE-TO method is all about honouring your Femininity and period cycle. As you guys know, I believe in honoring my cycle and eat to honour the hormonal patterns I am in during the cycle. I’m so thankful for this knowledge because not only it saved my life, it allowed me to reverse my Hashimoto’s disease, premature menopause and PCOS, to experience a healthy pregnancy in my 40s. It has also helped hundreds of you, reclaim your health and create the life of your dreams. Today I want to share with you what this SHE-TO METHOD has done for me and can do for you…

I am thankful for SHE-TO because

  1. It includes a variety of food groups, and ways of eating that you can follow. Even if you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan, you can have your own version of SHE-TO . SHE-TO METHOD is not to promote any particular food movement but is a way of eating principles especially curated for women of any age but especially mature women suffering from Hormone imbalances.
  2. SHE-TO allows for occasional feasting. Being a mom of two and as a family, we love to eat out. So you may agree that feasting with your favorite foods is a sensible and moderate way of eating. You can stick to fairly strict SHE-TO most of the time, but you can give yourself a leeway occasionally, if you follow the phase-based eating. As in all areas of life, 80:20 rule is applicable here also.
  3. SHE-TO gives you amazing health benefits. My SHE-TO plan not only attempts to balance your weight, but also helps with many symptoms of problems like PCOS, fertility issues and mood changes. It balances hormones, improves sleep, boosts immunity, boosts energy and prevents all kinds of diseases by soothing low-grade inflammation.
  4. SHE-TO is a miracle for me as well as my community. Most importantly, I’m thankful to you, and every single member of my truhealing family and community. Whenever I receive the emails and testimonials, about what SHE-TO is doing in the lives of people all over the world, I become overfilled with joy..

So what’s the difference Between SHE-TO & Keto?

One question that everyone asks me all the time is how is SHE-TO different from conventional keto and diets. SHE-TO is way more than just a refinement of the traditional keto diet. It includes more alkaline vegetables, especially the greens and dietary and lifestyle strategies to maintain the fat-burning state called ketosis. Here are the main differences .

  1. While ketogenic diet favors many acidic foods such as meats and strictly reduced carbs, my SHE-TO favors alkaline and plant foods such as green leafy vegetables and other veggies. You’re also allowed to have free-range, wild caught and clean animal protein sources and seafood, if you would like to.
  2. While keto limits the fruits , in SHE-TO, you can have much more raw variety of low-sugar fruits as well as plenty of vegetables for greater alkalinity. The pH is the key; it’s like alkaline pH is the key.
  3. Conventional keto has potential side effects like keto flu, dehydration, nausea and other issues that stem from eating too many acid-forming foods. SHE-TO limits the side effects by incorporating plenty of plant-based alkaline foods philosophy, which can support the detoxification pathways.
  4. While conventional keto can build up acidic toxicity in the cells, SHE-TO has a natural detoxifying effect on the body. Thanks to the inclusion of vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, cabbage, all of which helps to eliminate the buildup of acidity by supporting the liver detoxification.
  5. While conventional diets remain the same throughout the month, the centerpiece of SHE-TO is-it is a cyclic diet, and it keeps on changing based on where you are in the cycle and what is your estrogen to progesterone ratio and other hormonal ratios. It is designed uniquely for your female hormones..

To know more about your CYCLIC NATURE and menstrual cycle phases, read my blog



When I teach these principles to women, the most common question which comes to me is…I understand and it makes sense. But what to actually eat on this method. So on popular demand, I am launching this SHE-TO METHOD recipe book.

These recipes are an attempt to help you rediscover the nature’s bounty in the wide range of grains (cereals and pulses), fruits and vegetables available to us. It is also an attempt to introduce you to various cuisines across the globes that are not only tasty, but also simple, enriching and hormone balancing. The recipes are inclined to plate up an alkaline dish accompanied with healthy fats while retaining the freshness of the ingredients whenever possible. The readers are welcome to choose their local and seasonal ingredients, tweak the traditional recipes to tune to the Truhealing SHE-TO METHOD diet. We recommend shopping organic, choosing fresh, unprocessed and wholesome ingredients over refined and processed counterparts. We hope you enjoy the journey of Truhealing SHE-TO METHOD as much as we do.

Bon appetite!

Dr. Disha

Originally published February 17, 2021 by Dr Disha Sridhar

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