Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.( Truhealing is especially designed for women s hormones, hence it works).

Dr Disha Sridhar

I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

Every woman is unique, so is her body, her hormone system and yes, her mood is like sea waves because her hormones are like phases of the moon. Women’s Hormones are not fixed and keep on changing not only from year to year, month to month but also week to week. Being a Doctor ( Gynaecologist & Obstetrician) and a woman who has undergone this painful journey of hormone imbalances ( I am a former sufferer of PCOS, autoimmune thyroid HASHIMOTO, premature menopause), and successfully overcoming the same; I was determined to create a method that is unique to women.

Do you know that reproductive age women are grossly underrepresented in metabolic research? Most research in health and fitness industry is done on men and therefore the resulting recommendations aren’t appropriate for women

I’ve seen so many women who have tried juice cleanses, keto, crazy detoxes and intermittent fasting who report losing or damaging their cycle, depleting their fertility, and messing with their energy. Or those who have adhered to a consistent low calorie diet daily and a daily intense workout regimen only to find that they end up gaining more weight…this phenomenon is more common when you are 35 plus aka in perimenopause .

Studies confirm that not only above things which work beautifully for men, do not work for women and may cause more damage in the long run ( intermittent fasting can shrink your ovaries!)

Being born in India and growing up in a very native culture, I always heard my grandmothers, mom and aunts talking about certain practices or rituals around your period cycle. If you are also from India, you may have heard similar things ( like don’t eat pickle or curd during your period cycle! )It always intrigued me but due to lack of scientific evidence, I brushed it aside and never took it seriously. After having gone through my mid life health crisis, I was forced to dig deeper into women’s hormones and my research blew my mind away ….what our ancestors knew has deep science and timeless wisdom behind it. Yes those women already knew that women’s Hormones have to be nurtured differently at different times!! So this knowledge is already there on our ancient texts in a very basic form.What I have done is I have refined this knowledge, from the lens of integrative and functional medicine, given it the language of hormones so that it’s more appropriate for 21st century women. I call it SHE-TO METHOD and it’s a diet, fitness and lifestyle program that is based on aligning with nature’s biological rhythms for optimal health, fitness, and fertility.

Join our mission if you want to learn how to live in a women’s body and take charge of your hormonal health! Join the club…

Download the below guide to know more about TruHealing One-On-One program with me. In this guide you know more about Truhealing protocol and what outcomes you will achieve out of this program.

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Watch the below video of Dr. Disha where she speaks about this program.

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Originally published by Dr Disha Sridhar

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