Phases of Menstrual cycle

Welcome to day 3 of KNOW YOUR CYCLE, where we learn the science of Your Cycle, Truhealing’s amazing mini-course that will teach you everything you need to know about how your body (and your period) works. 

Dr Disha Sridhar

I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

Not only is the menstrual cycle really cool to learn about, but understanding it can provide you with some major health benefits. In today’s video, you’ll learn what are the 4 phases of your cycle, so that you can align with its rhythm and prevent Menstrual problems from arising in the first place. If knowledge is power, then you’re going to become really powerful!

You have much more power over your cycle and Fertility than you were made to believe. Getting to know your Hormones and cycle is the first step in this direction.

Next week , we will learn about what happens to our Hormones as we age.

Till then, flow with your cycle

Dr. Disha

Originally published July 5, 2021 by Dr Disha Sridhar

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