Quit the Pill – The Best Resolution To Take If You Suffer from PCOS Or Hormone Imbalance!

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS, irregular period, PMS or any other menstruation or fertility issue, chances are you have been prescribed the birth control pill. Quitting the OC pill or BC pill can certainly be one of the best things you do in order to reclaim your health, hormones, and happiness.  

Dr Disha Sridhar

I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

In the article below, I explain why I am not a huge fan of hormonal birth control methods, especially for masking the symptoms of PCOS. Trying to control your body hormonally is not only extremely damaging to the endocrine nervous system but is also dangerous for your long-term fertility and the gut microbiome. The problem with using synthetic hormones in your system is that it stops DETOXIFICATION in the body and also disconnects you from your inner divine feminine wisdom.

The list of the harmful effects of birth control pills is endless. I have written an entire blog on why these pills are not the best options to mask your period problems, and I can even write a whole book on it. But still, it’s the most prevalent band-aid solution in the present times that doctors rely on to treat chronic endocrine issues. Usually, doctors recommend taking the pill in order to “solve” symptoms. However, the pill does not actually solve anything. The symptoms disappear solely because the pill is designed to cover them up. That said, the root causes of all your symptoms simmer beneath the surface unchecked and come back with a vengeance once the pill is stopped. The longer they continue to be unaddressed, the harder it becomes to treat them. Not only that, but the pill can also potentially destroy microbiome, suppress ovulation, increase inflammation as well as lead to several micronutrient deficiencies.

So, yes! Quitting the pill will potentially be one of the most empowering things you do in the entire process of hormonal healing. However, bidding adieu to the pill without understanding how to protect yourself from all the rebound symptoms can definitely cause them to return and harm your body with a vengeance. That is because your body has to start managing and balancing its own hormones suddenly and it goes through an entire process of re-education.

Fortunately, several smart strategies can help make the transition of coming off the pill easier for you. I want to share with you a foolproof and scientifically sound plan for quitting synthetic hormones and sidestepping all the unpleasant symptoms through the process. Check them out!

1. Have a discussion with your doctor. It is essential that before you decide to get off the pill, you discuss it with your doctor. This is because taking advice from a competent doctor will help you discover natural methods of contraception. In addition to that, a good doctor will also support you throughout this radical change.  

2. Get started with an Integrative protocol as soon as possible to Balance hormones naturally. It is common for most women not to realize that it is super crucial to lay a good foundation and groundwork for the betterment of your hormonal health, prior to quitting synthetic hormones. This transition can become significantly easier on your endocrine system if you embrace the Truhealing way of eating and living while you are still on the pill. It can also go a long way to easing any kind of post-pill side effects such as acne, mood swings, insomnia as well as irregular cycles. In addition to that, embracing a balanced lifestyle will also help your body in starting the detoxification and recalibration process so that your body is ready for a pill-free lifestyle. 

3. Determine as well as address nutrient deficiencies. It is a known fact that too many synthetic hormones can potentially deplete all the minerals and vitamins such as Vitamins B, C and E, and magnesium, zinc, and selenium from the body. Therefore, if you are planning to come off the pill, it is vital to consume high-quality supplements for the time being so that the transition is gentler on your body.

4. Begin tracking your menstrual cycle. After coming off the pill, if your periods are quick to return and become regular without any effort, great! However, if they don’t, it is likely the cause is an underlying problem with your health. In this case, I recommend that you address the root cause immediately. After quitting the pill, many women take months to normalize their periods and even in those cases; it is sporadic. Therefore, you can avoid this by tracking your cycle prior to quitting the pill as well as by following my healing plan religiously during the transition. If you do not get your period within six months, discuss the problem with your doctor to investigate the underlying causes. It is important that you rule out PCOS, insulin resistance, Vitamin D deficiency, thyroid troubles, etc.    

5. Re-establish a healthy and happy gut. The pill contributes significantly to annihilating your internal microbial ecosystem. The impact on your body worsens according to how long you have been consuming it. The best way to commence with the healing process when you are on the pill is by eating clean and healthy foods. However, to ensure your healing process is quickened, you may also require a powerful probiotic for replenishing the good gut bacteria in your body. 

I believe that with a little bit of knowledge and self-care, you can make the transition of quitting the pill much easier on your body. Many years ago, women were dis empowered and not taught how our hormones work. Thus, they grew up believing they had no control over their own bodies, hormones, and fertility. I want to completely bust that myth and give the power back into your own hands. I want to empower and educate you about your own body, and there are myriad ways of regulating your hormones rather than masking the symptoms with synthetic birth control pills.

Remember that health is your birthright and my job is to help you achieve that. Wherever you may be right now, you are a wonderful woman, and once you get the right information, you can make better choices. Stop masking the symptoms and heal the root cause! It’s time to listen to your body and reconnect with yourself. So, what are you waiting for? The science of your body is on your side. Change your life today and become the person you most want to be because this world needs you!

So, how did you quit the pill? Do it the right way as hundreds of women have already done! I would love to hear about your journey.




Originally published July 15, 2019 by Dr Disha Sridhar

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