Why PCOS is so Confusing and Misunderstood?

Why PCOS is so confusing and misunderstood?

Simply because PCOS comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no one size fits all.

Dr Disha Sridhar

I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

You may be surprised to know that the root cause of pcos is never in your ovaries. Here are three main ways #PCOS based on the root cause ( there are other minor variants too and sometimes they overlap) and knowing the root cause of your PCOS can be an important step on your healing path. ⁣

Different types of PCOS also have different symptoms – not all women with PCOS have acne or are overweight, and this confusion can delay diagnosis and proper treatment. Irregular cycles and missing period generally affect all women with PCOS, no matter which type of PCOS is present.⁣

  1. Insulin-resistant – (most common) High insulin levels interfere with ovulation, causing irregular cycles and other symptoms like weight gain, weight loss resistance, acne, hirsutism, mood swings, and thinning hair on the scalp . Extreme cases there are voice changes too. Blood tests reveal diabetes or prediabetes.⁣
  2. Inflammation-based – most often seen in women who are not overweight and who don’t present with the classical picture. Inflammation can be caused by a variety of factors, including food allergy, exposure to endocrine disruptors, chronic infection’s, and high carb/ sugar overload. Blood tests may reveal high CRP.
  3. Pill or synthetic Hormone-Induced – common for women who have been on hormonal birth control for a long time. After stopping medication, periods are missing. HYPOTHALAMIC AMENORRHEA kind of picture. The synthetic hormones shut down communication between the pituitary gland & the ovaries in order to prevent pregnancy and it can take a lot of work to reactivate this communication channel.

    All PCOS women need to address endocrine disruptors, blood sugar balance, stress handling and gut health.

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Link to blog.https://www.truhealing.com/blog/what-type-of-pcos-do-you-have-my-treatment-and-tips-for-the-pcos-spectrum/

Dr. Disha (MBBS, MD, DNB (OBGYN))


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Originally published June 20, 2021 by Dr Disha Sridhar

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