Year End Address  

My dearest Truhealing family,

I didn’t want the year to end without a HUGE thank you. 

It’s such a gift that you allow me into your life to share knowledge, ideas, skills, and resources with you.

Dr Disha Sridhar

I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

In 2019, I upgraded my website and decided to show up on social media and I am kind of blown away by the kind of rave reviews you have posted on our website and social media. Nothing on this planet means more to me than seeing good, worthy people like YOU win in health and in life.

Like Sneha (conceived naturally after multiple failed IVFs) who posted on Facebook – “Dr. Disha totally understands females challenges and needs. She combines that with her friendly, caring desire to help as many women as she can through her work.”

Or NIDHI (Reversed APLA and recurrent miscarriages) who wrote, “I love how convenient it is to find out my balance at home instead of having to run to clinics for shots every day. Dr Disha, you have completely changed my life and I am so grateful for you and what you’ve created for us. Thank you!”

And Dr.Hema (Reversed Endometriosis and experienced Healthy natural pregnancy) who said – “I really appreciate the knowledge Dr. Disha has put into this program. My only regret was not having this knowledge earlier.”

Just to name a few! .We are making impossible possible by totally disrupting the stereotypes of womanhood in this country! No words are enough to express my gratitude to you for trusting me with this. 

I have so much I could say about the wonderfulness of this work, but more than anything I want to say thanks. Cheers to the closing of a decade. You all have changed the world.

We could not be prouder of how Truhealing has changed so many lives.

If there’s one thing I know about you ladies is  that you’re a lifelong learner. You’re committed to growth. In 2020, Remember that Truhealing is there for your next level of evolution!

As we near year end, I highly recommend that you make your wishlist on what you want to achieve in 2020.  Remember that Truhealing is there to assist you in your next level of evolution.

My birthday is coming up in February. Keep your eye out for emails from us throughout February for free training, scholarship opportunities, and discount offers!

Until then, know I have so much love, admiration, and RESPECT for you. 

It’s not easy managing all the things that you do while working on your health. You’re doing a fantastic job (even though your monkey-mind might sometimes say otherwise)!

This holiday season, please take good care of yourself. You work so damn hard. You do so much for soooo many people. I know it sometimes feels like your effort goes unnoticed. But it doesn’t.

You make more of a difference than you know. It’s time to acknowledge and take care of the most important person in the world and that’s YOU!!

Sending you and your family best wishes and love. Together, we’ll make 2020 the best yet.

Dr. Disha Sridhar 

P.S. Not sure if you know — but this will be our FIFTH year running TRUHEALING. After having helped hundreds of women all across the globe, I can feel it in my heart: THIS will be our most powerful experience ever! Remember that whenever you decide to take charge of your health and life, I will be glad to help.

Originally published December 31, 2019 by Dr Disha Sridhar

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