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Pregnancy is a joyful time for moms to be. It is so amazing to feel that a part of you and your partner is growing inside you. You enjoy clicking cute pictures of you with baby bump and visiting your favorite restaurants to relish lip smacking cuisines. But pregnancy period is not a fairy tale for everyone. Some of the moms experience high risk pregnancy that adversely affects the mother, the baby or both. 

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High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Bangalore

What is High - Risk Pregnancy?

The term high risk pregnancy is a condition where a mother undergoes certain complications that keeps her, her fetus or both at higher risks. Women with high risk pregnancies should receive care from a special team of health care provider in order to ensure best possible outcome. 

Specialised Care for High Risk Pregnancy in Bangalore

If you have symptoms of high risk pregnancy, then you can schedule your consultation with Dr. Disha, the best high risk pregnancy doctors in Bangalore and the founder of TruHealing who empowers women Worldwide to lead healthier and happier lives. She brings an insight to the high risk pregnancy cases. She gives them individualized attention from the point of first meet to the delivery and postpartum care till you get settle in your new routine and new life. 

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What are the causes of High - Risk Pregnancy?

A certain health problems lead to high risk pregnancy. Let’s look at them:

  1. Age factor: A woman with age more than 35 years and less than 17 years may suffer from high - risk pregnancy. 
  2. Gestational age: A pregnant woman over 35 years of age has a higher risk of gestational diabetes that leaves a scope for high risk pregnancy. Getting pregnant with gestational diabetes may invite certain issues like - birth defects, premature birth or still birth.
  3. Medical problems before pregnancy: A woman’s health plays an important role during pregnancy. Problems like - high blood pressure, auto - immune diseases, kidney and heart problems may risk the health of mother and baby. Even those of you with a history of period problems, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis , infertility etc need a special plan for pregnancy management to avoid miscarriage and get the healthiest possible baby.
  4. Depression: Depression in pregnant women gives birth to a plenty of problems like – low birth weight and preterm birth. Hence, women must share their emotions and thoughts with their doctor and family members in order to stay motivated during pregnancy.
  5. Obesity: An obese woman faces a lot of problems during pregnancy. They suffer from the risk of miscarriage, gestational diabetes and posture control. Therefore, it is advised that women should lose weight while planning a baby.
  6. HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS destroy one’s body ability to fight infections. Hence, women with HIV may transfer this disease to their child during pregnancy. This may kill or damage the immune system of the baby. 
  7. Blood disorders: Blood disorders like - cell disease increases a women’s risk of Urinary Tract Infections and pre - term labor. In this case, doctors generally schedule a caesarean section for minimizing the bleeding risk for both mother and baby.  
  8. Lifestyle factors: Women who are indulged into smoking, drugs, alcohol abuse and exposure to certain toxins give birth to babies who have learning and behavior problems. Their growth is slower than usual and may suffer from sudden infant death syndrome. 

Tips to have a healthy pregnancy:

By following these essential tips, you can give your baby the best life he/she deserves:

  1. Maintain a healthy diet: Follow a diet that is full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It will contribute to good brain development and a healthy birth weight, reducing the risk of many birth defects. 
  2. Take prenatal vitamins: Prenatal vitamins like - folic acid, iron, and calcium are best for the overall growth of your baby. They help play an important role in bone, vision and brain development. 
  3. Exercise regularly: Staying active during pregnancy makes you happy from inside and outside. It makes labor shorter and recovery faster. It brings less complication for you like – weight gain or gestational diabetes. 
  4. Apply sunscreen: When you are pregnant, your skin gets susceptible to dark spots. Therefore, it is important that you apply atleast SPF 30 or higher version to stay away from skin tanning.
  5. Perform deep breathing: With slow breathing techniques, pregnant women get relaxed mentally and keep stress at bay. They remain calm and happy, inspite of a lot of hormonal changes. It also leaves a positive impact on the growth of a baby. 
  6. Sleep on your side: Pregnant women must start sleeping on one side of the bed, especially in third trimester. It helps improve circulation to the heart and enables blood flow to the fetus.

High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Bangalore

You can trust you’ll receive superior care from our highly trained and experienced team. Our doctors are specialize in high-risk obstetrics and are experienced in treating encounters for high-risk pregnancies and helping women overcome complications during this time. We are committed to proivde yothe highest level of care to you, your family, and your baby. We provide the utmost in care before, during and after pregnancy for those who are just starting a family or planning the birth of another child.

Issues with Periods and Pregnancy?

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Q1. Who is a candidate for a high-risk pregnancy?

Ans. A woman less than 17 years of age or 35 years of age is a candidate for high - risk pregnancy. Also, a woman with a history of complicated pregnancies like - preterm labour, loss of a pregnancy or a child with a birth defect will also be considered under high–risk pregnancy.

Q2. What are the high-risk pregnancy symptoms?

Ans. Vaginal bleeding, severe headaches, swelling in the face, and hands and cramping in the lower abdomen are the symptoms of high-risk pregnancy. 

Q3. What kind of extra care do I need for a high-risk pregnancy?

Ans. Visit your gynaecologist regularly, avoid any kind of intoxication, manage pre-existing medical conditions and take prenatal supplements during a high-risk pregnancy.

Q4. What kind of doctor in Bangalore should I see for a high-risk pregnancy?

Ans. A doctor who is experienced in managing high-risk pregnancies in past and besides managing a body, also counsels you from time to time to keep you motivated during this critical time should be your first choice. 

Q5. Should I consult with a high-risk pregnancy doctor in Bangalore prior to pregnancy?

Ans.  Yes, definitely you must consult with a doctor prior to pregnancy. It will help you prepare your mindset before you plan for the pregnancy. Dr Disha is one of the most reliable high-pregnancy doctors in Bangalore. 

Best Doctor for Pregnancy in Bangalore

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