Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy Program

Having a baby may be exciting, but it’s also important to have support.  Sign up for our pregnancy program and get the care you need from the start.

Pregnancy Program - Give your baby a healthy start

When a child is born, a mother is born. Yes! The woman existed, but a 'woman' never. A mom-to-be must take all the essential measures to lead a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. Enrolling on a pregnancy program is the best initiative a woman can take to start with excellent prenatal care. 

Dr Disha Sridhar

I am a Gynaecologist Obstetrician and Infertility specialist ( MD, DNB OBGYN )with an emphasis on INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

About the course

A pregnancy program is a prenatal education concept that helps you and your provider prepare for the best care during your pregnancy. This course provides childbirth education focusing on staying low risk, minimising interventions and learning to advocate for yourself.

This course design is for women planning to have or is interested in learning about natural childbirth in today's culture of medicalised birth. Having a child by natural childbirth is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences for any woman. But if you're expecting a child (mainly if this is your first time)!Fear, uncertainty, and confusion are undoubtedly present in your mind. You want the best, most positive birth experience possible for you and your new baby, but you don't know where to turn to get support and answer your questions!

This class design is to educate you on what is expected during labour and delivery to allow you and your partner to make informed decisions around your birth. Explicitly focused on the mom who desires a low intervention pregnancy and childbirth, this class uses lectures and PDF handouts to prepare you to step into labour, delivery and parenthood with confidence. Dr Disha MD, an integrative gynecologist, will teach this course.

What will you learn by joining a pregnancy program?

  • We will help you describe the nitty-gritty of having normal labour & delivery for first-time mothers for a healthy pregnancy.
  •  We help pregnant women prepare their bodies for a healthy pregnancy with different pregnancy exercises.
  • We help pregnant women to make informed decisions about labour and delivery as there as lots of doubts & confusion regarding the birth of their child.
  • We help give pregnant women a proper diet plan to have a well-balanced diet to prevent any complications during pregnancy.
  • We help understand the importance of relaxation in labour and delivery to pregnant women by giving them proper psychological consultation.
  • We also help new mothers take care of their newborn baby as a newborn requires special care and attention.

Benefits of joining a Pregnancy Program

  • We will offer screenings to present pregnant women with regular updates on their health and the health and development of their children and gives proper prenatal care.
  • There would be a lower risk of premature birth.
  • There would be an increase in higher birth weights of the newborn. 
  • There would be an increase in higher breastfeeding rates.
  • The program would lead to better care for pregnancy-related conditions, such as gestational diabetes.

Who should take this course?

This course is for expectant parents who want to be more informed about healthy nutrition, natural supplements and exercise during pregnancy, normal labour and delivery, and common medical interventions. It is geared primarily toward couples looking for a natural birth experience; this course also highlights natural pain management techniques. Even if you are planning a C-section birth, this course will empower you by making informed choices and taking Informed Decisions during Pregnancy.

Why choose TruHealing's pregnancy program?

Expectant parents who wish to learn more about healthy nutrition, natural supplements, health care, and exercise during pregnancy, typical labour and delivery and common medical interventions should take this course. This course emphasizes pain management approaches and is designed specifically for couples who want a natural birth experience.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman's life. It is incredible to feel the energy inside you and strengthen a bond with them. Dr Disha, the founder of TruHealing, can make your pregnancy journey wonderful beyond your imagination as your health care for you & your newborn is our top priority. So, get in touch with us today, and you will fall in love with a baby you haven't met.

What's the cost of the program?

The cost of the pregnancy program is 30,000 Rs. and includes EMAIL Support throughout pregnancy and 3 Skype calls.

Details of pregnancy program

Duration: 9 months Charges: 30 thousand rupees, The program Includes

₹ 44444

  • 3 Skype calls with Dr.Disha
  • Email support for 9 months
  • Appropriate video and PDF downloads.

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Q1. What should I do during pregnancy to stay mentally fit?
Ans. Read a motivational book, do positive self-talk, and stay connected to your loved ones to be mentally fit.

Q2. What should be the lifestyle of a pregnant woman?
Ans. Eat breakfast, stay active, avoid alcohol, and smoking, take vitamins, avoid heavy lifting, and stay away from stress to lead a healthy pregnancy.

Q3. Is it wrong to satiate junk cravings during pregnancy?
Ans. Eating junk in moderation is fine, but it should not overpower your healthy diet routine.

Q4. How do you overcome morning sickness during the first semester of pregnancy?
Ans. Ensure good fluid intake, drink ginger and mint tea, wear loose clothes and chew your food correctly to overcome morning sickness during the first semester of pregnancy.

Q5. When should a pregnant woman start taking vitamins?
Ans. A pregnant woman should start consuming vitamins before conception.